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17 July 2007 @ 12:12 am
I’m almost positive that most of you have already heard this story, but it makes for an interesting tale. I traveled down to Arizona for many reasons however, the main reason was to collect and return my 1976 VW bus back to it’s home in Fort Collins. Now about one year ago my bus blew two of it’s cylinders. I tried to fix it but to no avail the engine was trashed and it was useless. So my father being the kind man he can be sometimes spent 3000 on my car to try and make it run. Upon my return I saw my wonderful bus sitting there in it’s yellow glory in perfectly working condition. The man who fixed it wanted us to drive it for 300 miles and then bring it back so that he could re-adjust the heads on the engine. So my father and I take the bus out for a drive and decide to go out of town and then drive it home and out the rest of the miles on it the next day. So with that we set out and all is well with my wonderful glorious hippie wagon. After about 20 minuets we are at a stoplight waiting for the light to turn green. The light turns green and my father hits the gas. The bus sputtered for a bit and seemed to be struggling to stay on. My dad finally got it to kick in and the bus sped forward. However as we made it over the hill coming back into town the bus lost power again, this time the radio was cutting in and out. I myself was angry because to me it seemed to be doing exactly what it had done in the past. The car lost power and my dad pulled over to the side of the highway. Thinking the bus overheated we looked back to see if there was smoke coming from the back of the car. Behind us there was smoke so we figured the engine just overheated, however that was not the case. As I looked down at the floor waiting for my dad to tell me what we should do I noticed smoke swirling around in front of me with the sun shining through the window. I looked back where the back seat was and all I saw was pitch-black smoke steaming out of the engine access panel under the seat. The smoke was so thick that I could only see the wall of smoke. My father as well was watching the black smoke flying out of the back of the car from the outside.
“Dad, you see that?” I asked him. He however just looked at the smoke outside. I not knowing what he was looking at was trying to get him to look at the back of the cab.
“Dad, you see that?”
“Yeah.” He said calmly.
“No Dad, back there.”
“Yeah I see it.”
“Dad! The back of the fucking bus.” I was freaking out by this point.
“Yup, we should get out of the car.” He said in the calm voice that he always has.
So we booked it out of the car. Smoke rising from the back vents on the car. My dad went over to the back engine hatch and opened it up. When he did this flames flew out at him and he jumped back.
“Max! Get the hell away from the car.” He yelled over to me.
Taking his advice I run from the car knowing that the engine is right next to the fuel tank. My dad follows me and we stand far away as we see flames engulf the back of the car. Suddenly I remember I left my bag and all the car paper work in the car. I tell my dad and he looks at me calmly.
“Well, go get it.” He says as he calls the cops. I looking at him like he is crazy just stood there not moving.
“Are you crazy?” I say to him
“Just go get it.” He says then turns away to talk to the cop.
I look at my burning car and then decide to run for it. Getting to the car I could feel the heat coming from the back of it. Moving as fast as I could to grab all my stuff and the paper work, the concept flashes through my head what I was standing next to. In the corner of my eye, I can see the back seats on fire and smoke everywhere in the car I understand I am next to a giant case of steel on fire with a full tank of gas. The most interesting feeling in the world is the feeling you get when time pauses and you realize that maybe in the next moment you could be incinerated and gone. It wasn’t really scary, but more or less surreal.
After running back away from the car the cop has already gotten there and the fire department is coming down the road. The cop is nice and gives us water, as they block off traffic because of the flaming time bomb on the road. The fire fighters blast the car with their hoses and we are in for another surprise. The engine casing was made out of magnesium. If you don’t know what magnesium is, it’s a metal that when it’s on fire it cannot be put out by water, because it burns so hot that it evaporates the water before the water can make contact. The chemical make up of magnesium is the same as the hydrogen and oxygen compound created by the thrusters on a space shuttle or rocket. Brilliant German engineers huh? Anyway, they have to sit and wait for the engine to burning so they can put out the rest of the fire. Also I discovered that when water makes contact with burning magnesium it looks like a small mushroom cloud of fire. After my bus is done looking like a fat rocket ship, the fire fighters put out the rest of the flame. In the end the entire interior was basically burnt to a crisp and the engine is completely gone. My father pissed about this is taking the mechanic to court about this if he doesn’t reimburse us for the car, about 7500. So that’s the detailed story about my death bus, which really ended up turning into a death bus.
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08 July 2007 @ 03:40 am
I’ll be honest and say that I forgot that I even had a live journal for the longest time. This partially explains my departure from this cyberspace ritual, however I must admit my reluctance to participate in this very ritual. I suppose it’s just like any other journal, in any case I still prefer a notebook and a pencil. A part of me still wishes to do this, so I will yield to my inner desires what ever real motivations they may be and return to the world of live journal, as well as to return to a favorite character of mine, the one an only foolish penguin. Not too many people read this and I am glad of that. My inability to write well and my poor spelling will be kept to a small population of the world. I suppose the most important reason I returned to this community was that as an aspiring story teller, this is a medium where one can tell stories, however most importantly these stories can be criticized or commented on. In hopes that this will turn me into a better story teller, the foolish penguin humbles himself to you, the reader to speak loud and true about the stories I relate to you. So folks, if you care or not, the foolish penguin has returned and is now ready to speak to the world of cyber space, about the wonders, tragedies, joys, and pains this world has to offer, through the eyes of a very young, and foolish penguin.

****The Foolish Penguin Says: To dance with the stars is to dance with the universe, to dance with the universe is to dance with the dreamer, who dreams within a dream.
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01 December 2006 @ 12:22 pm
Nothing short of a masterpiece. I saw the film by myself and I will admit I cried at a few parts. The end was one of the most transcendental moments in cinema history, and it's intense. I was reminded of when I got to see 2001 on the big screen and the awe that comes at the end was the same for this film. Some people were laughing during the film and it kind of bugged me. I guess today if someone is on the lotus position it's funny. I would say that this film was one of the best films of the year if not the best. Well all I can say about it is go see it. It's beautiful and not as complicated as it seems.

*** The Foolish Penguin Saya: "Our Bodies are prisons for our souls. All flesh decay's, death turns all to ash, and thus death frees every soul. Death is the road to awe."
14 October 2006 @ 12:11 pm
Along time ago there was the Coffee and Pie generation in the forties, the good old family values generation. Then came the Coffee and Cigarettes generation in the sixties and on. Slowly, down the line we go the generations are lost like tears in the rain. I think thats us right now, the lost generation. Look at all the scholastic bull shit they tried on us. In Arizona we had the aims and all those strange tests to see how smart we were on a national level like its some kind of fucking race to see who wins. I have had so many friends completly fucked over by the world, by the way society operates. They make no room for difference and as a result these kids get wrapped up in God knows what. Drungs and alcohol, self mutilation, homocide, genocide. What people don;t understand is that the youth of a culture reflect the culture, they are the mirror for adults to look into and see themselves. But today people dont take responsibility for anything, they lock our youth away for harsher sentences then adults because the media makes it seem like the youth today is lost and confused and angry because of the lack of Jesus in their life or something. Look at all the violence around the world. Crime has gone down in the past few years but look at the real crimes, religious fanatics blowing each other up, living in an empirical country. Why are so many of us being lost in todays world. My friend who is so smart and creative was thrown out the door so he could learn how to live on his own. The world is to hard for kids to do that in. He turned to drugs and being homeless and now has mental disorders that will haunt him to the end of his life. With minimum wage so low and prices so high, how can kids ever learn to make it in this world, back in the seventies you could take a road trip cross country for 400 dollars, and even with inflation to today that doesnt even come close to what it would cost today. When we are kicked out into the world, what will happen to us, where will art go now that schools are cutting it out of their budgets. And let me speak of that for a second, when art goes, so does free though, and inventive minds. I fear that in the comming years with the patriot act lasting till the war on terror is over (how logical does that sound. You cant win a war on terror you idiots) which will never happen so the Patriot act will always exist. In 2008 having to have ID cards sergically placed on us, yes I'm not Bull shitting it's really a bill that was passed long ago and we got no word of it. With all our presidents talking about a new world order unifying religion, culture, and people together (sounds good doesnt it, just fucking peachy), I fear that we are the last generation to have art and free minds, even if it's hardly there, there are some of us. I fear that with America trying to unify the world together that we will be the last and the lost generation, that the next will be unable to grow up in a world where we can learn to free our minds to any possibility instead of being controlled which is what will happen. Unless we do something about it. I hate to say this, but at the rate things out going. Some one needs to either get into the presidents chair, declair martial law, disband the senate and House of Representitives and have them all replaced with younger people instead of these carrier politcians, give more power back to the states and less to the fedral government and then leave office for another president to be voted in, oh and destroy the fucking partiot act(using fear to control people, it makes me sick). The other option is to have America fall completly, I mean this country did some great things and was founded on great ideals. But we are living in a world here, without culture, without myth, without ritual because the fucking liberals think it's to barbaric to live with those things and that anciet ritual is dehumanizing and horrible. Well fuck you liberals. and also fuck you to republicans who arnt republicans anymore, just liberals with a Bible in their hand. The goverment, our parents, our society has done nothing to help us grow into greater people. I can only say that the most influential person in recent history was Lucas for attempting to brinbg myth back to a lost people, and I honestly think it saved and inspired more people then we think. I think we have to do something, and do it quick. I dont like to sit and talk about this stuff but its been bothering me for weeks now, but we need another Ghandi, another avatar of Vishnu, another Buddha. We need some one or a group to go out and stop a horrble future from comming, and it is on the horizon. The Christians and other faiths were right at least about one thing. The Anti-Christ is comming, maybe not the hellish blah blah damn us to hell one, but the man unifying the world under his God and his banner is definatly an Anti-Christ in my book. but yeah. I had to get it out there in one giant rant.

The Foolish Penguin Says: If you just scrolled to the bottom to see how long it was and came to this message, don't bother reading it. It's a foolish man's rants about our lost generation. Look I just summed the whole thing up for you. Ok. You can go away now and leave the foolish penguin be in his ice hole in alaska. We have bears you know. Big big brown ones. Hvae you ever seen a moose? They are really angry animals, don't seem like it do they. Have you ever seen a monkey cry himself to sleep? I have numerous times, poor monkey. Ok Bye.
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17 September 2006 @ 12:24 pm
I am sad to say it because how many times have people posted things like this on Live journal. But it has to be done. The foolish penguin must humble himself to... himslef. I guess thats weird to understand but ok. I am sure some of you have felt like this, and I am sure that some of you have been driven mad by this. But I think in recent weeks I have discovered hell. Well in basic terms hell is to be where god is not, or to be out of gods love. Well I know that feeling in some ways and I am sure of lot of you have too. You know when some one is not there that person, it really doesn't matter what they say, or what they do, it's because they are there and you feel that they are there that everything in the world seems ok. It's almost as if you feel connected with them, when you first see them and suddenly you feel like you haven knowen them for years. That feeling deep inside that you are suddenly close to that person and can talk to them about anything without any fear. Well what is it like to be seperated from that person. To have that feeling of oneness and that feeling of passion, of so much love it hurts as much as it feels good. Well all I can say is that over the past few weeks I have suffered, and I have the desire to sacrifice anything to bring us back together, that however is not rational, but I am not a rational penguin as we all know. All I can say is that is physically hurts, and that I feel sick sometimes because they arn't here. I dont feel like doing anything, I just want to mope around, but eventually I actually try to do something with my life. I guess all I am trying to say, is that person, and you know who you are and I am sure many others can guess, means the world to me, and without her, I feel like I have been seperated from god, and in some ways I have. I miss her, and lots of times I question why I left that horrid state, because she was there, and it would make that place so much better, just being with her. I miss her more than anything, and it hurts alot to not see her, and to not just feel her pressence. I shall end this piece with a part of a poem.

*** The Foolish Penguin Says: And neither the angles in heaven above, Nor the demons down under the sea, Can ever dissever my soul, from the soul of the beautiful Annabel Lee.
13 September 2006 @ 02:02 pm
You can only type one word. No explanations.

1. Yourself:

2. Your appearance:

3. Your personality:

4. Your bedroom:

5. Your house:

6. Your mother:

7. Your father:

8. Your favorite possession:

9. Your favorite drink:
Ice Tea

10. Your favorite food:

11. Your dream home:

12. Your dream profession:

13. Where you want to be in ten years:

14. What you are:

15. What you aren’t:

16. Something you wish you had:

17. The last thing you ate:

18. Your significant other:

19. The last thing you did:

20. What is on your mind right now:

***The Foolish Penguin says: I'm not God, thats really all I discovered I am not God. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't exactly know whow to say what I am going to say. I have shed my tears and felt perhaps the grace of god touch me. It has been a tramatizing night and I didn't know how to deal with it, how to handle such uncertainty that it makes me go crazy. But I called a friend and I told him my perdacimment. He was drunk, but what he said to me brought tears to my eyes. This voice was genuine and he told me that I was like a brother to him, and that he loved me. I just started crying right there, these however were not tears of sadness, these tears were sublime. I felt an extacy run through my body that burned through my flesh. When I hung up the phone I fell to the ground and recalled, what people have said to me, what people have done to me, and I remembered what a specific teacher wrote to me. He said "Max you are as smart as they come, please use it in positive ways". Then I recalled where numerous people in my year book who wrote "max, you get 'it'". Now have I always gotten it, do we all get it, we just hide it from the world like it's something to be ashamed of, how we look, how we act, how to fit in, and how to be useful to others. Suddenly I didn't feel my body any more. My hairs stood on end, and I suddenly felt connected to everything in the world. Every person, every being, every thing on this stupid little rock and into the cosmos. There were no enemys, there was no man and woman, good or evil, there was love. A love that I could never describe. Perhaps you can see this love. Just look deep into the eyes of your child. Or any animal, or some one that you love. And you suddenly realize that it all makes sense, that we are all togther untied. I am god, and so are you. I felt like I could fly, and perhaps I could have. No matter what bad or what good happens to you, what pain or pleasure, love is the ultiment. In the mind their is emptyness and in emptyness there exists no evil but good. I can cry tears of joy now, for every feeling every person and every single object I have ever come across, they are all gods, we are all maifestations of god, and waht is god. God is that tree that you see, that kid at school you hate, those rocks in front of your house. You are god. where we go when we die, why thats simple... you just have to stop thinking and feel, and thats where we go. Wherever the sun rises the sun sets and so it comes the full way around till we can all see dawn and closes our eyes as set, we are born, we die, but we are always there, always being born and always dieing. Just clear your mind and feel and love will enter you for every person who ment well for you or ment harm. Hate is a thought, love is a feeling.

The foolish Penguin says: nothing, you already know the truth, you just have to forget it, to truly know it.
04 August 2006 @ 02:41 am

How true, hot true. Well ladies and not so gentle men, it's me the foolish penguin at your service again. My absence was due to a lack of inovating ideas in the space program. Now, what shall I tell of my vast history tonight. Do you like Jerry Springer, I like Jerry Springer. I was once one of the lonely house husbands long ago after the second femenist movement when the male race was declaired sub human. And in those lonley hours I remember watching alot of Jerry Springer and remembering that my wife and I should go on. She liked to take those "red willies" as I like to call them and beat me. Well she liked to beat me pretty hard in those days, and while she did she would invite some friends over. This was her way of saying that she loved me. I remember crying alot, tears are the best lubricant, her friends would all beat me in almost every small opening on my body. I thought that Jerry might like to hear about this. So I went onto the show and talked about my frustrations with my wife. Jerry was very understanding and was happy to hear about my problems. So then my wife comes on stage with a giant "red willie" about 12 feet in length and starts slapping people left and right. She screamed at me and told me to stop being a crying little penguin and to bend over like the good old days. So I did, and she beat me as hard as ever with her 12 foot "red willie". We got devored a few years later because she killed the children, but thats another story.

***The Foolish Penguin Says: Watch Jerry Springer folks, every intellectual should.
07 July 2006 @ 11:01 pm
I am selfish, and a pile of shit. Nothing more. Selflessness is the key to the world. If only I could obtain it.

***The Foolish Penguin Says: I'm writting this in hopes that in the morning I can look back at it and relize how stupid and selfish this entry was.
28 May 2006 @ 04:13 am
Well now ladies and gentlemen the Foolish Penguin has returned. Enought of that deep strange talk we heard from that strange little boy in Arizona. It's time for the real bad ass to show up. So as I always do, I shall recite to you another story from the chronicles of the Foolish Penguin. This is of the adventures of Bruce Starbuck and the Fat Cheese man. So in the far reaches of our wacky little galaxy their was a fat man who by a stroke of luck obtained power of a small cheese plant. Understanding that the world revolved around cheese this man was able to send fermented cheese out into the universe corrupting the rest of the Galaxy. Hitler and bad armpit order were a result of this. So this evil scheme was working well untill the all great and powerful Bruce Starbuck caught wind of this. So as my father gave me the talk of not running over bunny rabits with a bull dozer, Bruce Starbuck burst into the room and took me away in the space ship IMAGINATION. So we soared into the heavens in search of this evil man. When we found him, Bruce Starbuck and he faught with giant pieces of Solami and it was a glorious fight. In the end the fat cheese man died from the over whelming awsomeness of Bruce Starbuck. Thus this story has been recounted over the generations, and I recite it to you, and perhaps one day you will have the honor of meeting the saviour of humanity, a diety amung the ranks of Bhudda, Jesus, and the flying spagetti monster, Bruce Starbuck.

***The Foolish Penguin Says: Don't pay attention to spelling. It makes me feel better.
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